Meet  Teresa Watson

Teresa Watson is an owner of TRJ's Transport Lines, Inc. (TRJ), an Atlanta, Georgia based trucking company whose mission is to become one of the largest trucking companies servicing the United States.

Teresa's vision to start her own trucking company began after the untimely death of her father, TRJ Watson. Mr. Watson had been a truck driver for over 30 years, and always wanted to own his own trucking company. The problem was he didn't ever have the resources. Since his death, God has placed the same spirit into Teresa and the new vision of TRJ’s Transport Lines, Inc.

Teresa's success as a business owner and giving spirit has led her to give back to the community. She demonstrates her commitment by volunteering as a Community Liaison for Don't Count Me Out. She heard about Don't Count Me Out from founder, Monique James, who also works as a contractor for FedEx Custom Critical.  The volunteers from the family of Custom Critial is growing. 

Ms. Watson was very instrumental in the Atlanta Father's Day Bailout created by Monique James and Judge Terrinee Gundy. She helped garner the support of the court system and public defenders office. She interviewed the fathers who participated and connected with their families. Later, at the Empowerment/Survival retreat, Teresa made sure the father's had work and housing upon returning to the city of Atlanta. The release of these father's was due in a large part to Teresa's efforts.  Her 12 years of working with the Atlanta municipal court system before she started her trucking business, was an invaluable asset to the bailout project.

As a follow-up, Ms. Watson is a member of the Don't Count Me Out design team  to provide a systematic housing and work system for the participants of the Kaleidoscope Empowerment/Survival retreat.