Meet Pat McCollum

Pat McCollum
Ms. Patricia McCollum directs our trauma training and programs to support children who have experienced hardship and bad times. We find many of the children of U.S. soldiers and those in foster care have experienced childhood trauma.
As a Graduated from University of Cincinnati where she received undergraduate in Human Services, and Social Work (BSSW, LSW), and Master Degree in Community Health Planning and Administration (MS), Ms. McCollum has been an early childhood trauma expert and trainer 17 years. team of professionals behind Ms. McCollum are subject matter experts in mentoring, public relations, marketing, police/community relations, diversity awareness and strategic planning. 

Ms. McCollum has designed mentoring and advocate programs for birth parents in danger of losing their children to out-of-home care and foster care children while under contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Job & Family Services contracts from the years 1996 to 2015.

By serving on the board of the Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA), Job & Family Children’s services committee, as a University of Cincinnati adjunct professor, MSW social worker and certified trainer to Cincinnati Police on Trauma, Ms. McCollum has a keen sense of what will produce the best results for children/community and police relations. She has trained mentors and new police recruits to deal with the trauma experienced by higher risk youth. The Don’t Count Me Out police mentoring project is designed by Ms. McCollum and the Don’t Count Me Out team to match police officers with higher risk youth on a long-term basis