Diamond Pledge

I your name promise to do everything in my power to make sure each child in my community is positioned to flourish and succeed.

How We Do It:

Family, Community, Business, Government & You


Ensure all our children get a seat at the table.


Our mission is to provide positive outlets that stimulate personal growth for America's most vulnerable young people and their parents.


DON’T COUNT ME OUT echoes the sentiments of the renowned movie producer Ava DuVernay. In her recent Netflix Exclusive movie “13th,” she explains that her movie’s purpose is to inspire viewers to move beyond Twitter rants that exchange views about the issues we face in today’s society and get into the real issues that affect our everyday lives. The DON’T COUNT ME OUT does that.

It’s actions are not just words. Don't Count Me Out, Inc. is reaching out to communities in Georgia to give the most vulnerable youth that have been over looked and systematically set up for failure, an opportunity to sit at the table of “Success."