As a U.S. veteran, Archie served in the U.S. army and was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska.
During his time serving in the military, he coached little league baseball, little league football, and the special Olympics.

As a budding Tech entrepreneur, Archie is helping us move our community's children into viable sports activities as an alternative to violence, gangs, drugs and other negative community influences.

His spirit of community involvement and volunteerism has been demonstrated over the last 20 years at:

*Habitat for Humanity

*Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

*Aids Walk Atlanta

*Rainbow Elementary School

*Grady Hospital

*Dream Dachshund Rescue

*The Jamaal Addison Motivational Foundation

*Prison Ministry

*Sunday School teacher

Archie will ensure that  all children get to play, our coaches and instructors put the children first and parents know what they are paying for. Ultimately, he exacts fiscal responsibility from our sports and recreation program.  He makes sure the playing field is built for nurturing and encouraging our children.

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